Kristeens Tara By Albesa (Nite)




Nite Nite Nite



Kristeens Tara by Albesa (Nite) Hips 7:4


Nite was bred by Chris and Saun Sinnot. I cannot thank her enough for allowing me this stunning girl as she is a joy to own and work.


Nite and I are inseparable and I cannot imagine a time when she was not part of my life. She is quick and eager to work and has a wonderful willingness to do whatever is asked of her.


My long awaited dream of a litter between Nite and Shadow has now become a reality.


Nite thank you from the bottom of my heart, I can never put into words what this means to me. You have had your one and only litter my darling girl.


As silly as it may sound I missed you whilst you were busy being a ‘mummy'.


It is lovely to have you back, sleeping in my bed and being a spoilt brat! 




Albesa Real Class (Raif) 








Albesa Real Class (Raif) Hips 6:3


  Raif is Nite and Shadow's daughter. Spirit, Reine and True are her half brother's and sister. Raif's brother's, sister's and Raine can be found on our “Crufts Obedience 2007” page.


Raif is a cheeky monkey, but is an absolute amateur compared to her brother Seraph. She is a beautiful and loving young lady who shares her mother's outgoing personality and her wonderful willingness to please.


She is somewhat a tomboy, preferring to hang out with the boys rather than with her sisters. Raif is extremely confident and alert and is a real peoples dog who is never far from my side. My world is certainly a better place with my gorgeous girl in it. 




Albesa Perfect Class (River) Hips 4:8



River (Nite and Shadow's daughter) 



Albesa Perfect Class (River) Hips 4:8 


River is Nite and Shadow's daughter. Spirit, Reine and True are her half brother's and sister. River brother's, sister's and Raine can be found on our “Crufts Obedience 2007” page.


River is very much the diplomat like her father Shadow and diffuses all types of situations. She is a quite girl with a really calming influence on her brothers and sisters.


River has boundless energy and is remarkably agile, Just watching her is exhausting. Physically,  River is the absolute double of her sister Peaches, they truly are identical and even I struggle to tell them apart. This has been easily remedied though with River wearing a red collar and Peaches wearing a pink one! 




Albesa Protected By Angels (Peaches)  



Peaches (Nite and Shadow's daughter and Soul's sister), sleeping where she shouldn't....My kitchen table!! 




Albesa Protected By Angels (Peaches) Hips 6:6


Angel my foot! 

Peaches is Nite and Shadow's daughter. Spirit, Reine and True are her half brother's and sister. Peaches brother's, sister's and Raine can be found on our “Crufts Obedience 2007” page.


Peaches was the smallest in the litter and was an incredibly sweet puppy, hence her name.


I fell in love with her from the moment I first saw her. However this small and vulnerable puppy did not stay very small, or vulnerable, for long.


Due to the fact I spoilt her I may just have created a little Frankenstein who's favourite pass time is annoying her sister Raif.


Peaches can often appear more confident than her sister River, but this is not necessarily true.


As with all her brothers and sisters Peaches is an extremely loving and caring individual with a temperament to die for.




Albesa True Class (True)





Albesa True Class (True) Hips 7:3


True is Shadow and Deasal’s grand daughter. Nite, Summer and Breeze are her aunts, and Reine who can be found on our ‘Crufts Obedience 2007’ page is True’s half cousin.


True’s brother and ‘partner in crime’ Albesa True Reason (Spirit) can be found on ‘OUR BOYS’ page.


Physically, True is the absolute double of Spirit, their likeness is remarkable. She is not as complex as her brother and is extremely grown up for her years, preferring to hang out with the oldies rather then with her peers.


True is an open and honest young lady with a sweet and gentle nature. She is undemanding and impeccably behaved.


As with her brother she is an absolute pleasure to live with and a joy to own.





Albesa To Be Like Shadow (Tell) 


Tell Tell Tell


Tell Tell Tell



Albesa To Be Like Shadow (Tell) Hips 5:7


Tell is our third generation of fur kids. Tell's Mother is Breeze and her Father is Lugar. Her Grandparents are Shadow and Deasal.


Tell is the double of her Daddy and shares his love for life (and water!) and his amazing sense of humour. She is a beautiful girl both inside and out.






 Foxfold Zavannah (Winter) 










Foxfold Zavannah (Winter) Hips 5:5. Elbows 0:0


I would like to thank Brenda and Tony Fox for allowing me this stunning girl. Winter has incredible movement and a wonderful temperament.





Birchwald Diva (Hexi) 










Birchwald Diva (Hexi) Hips 4:3 Elbows 0:0


 We are really excited and extremely proud to introduce a new addition to our fur family. Hexi is an incredibly sweet girl with an enormous appetite. Unfortunately someone swapped Hexi's legs with those of a kangaroo, if anyone finds Hexi's legs please, please return them to me!















Deasal and her daughter Breeze are both retired, but will always remain on this page. I cannot thank them enough for the huge part they have played as without my two special girls, there would be no Tell, Spirit, True or Albesa.


I will always be eternally grateful and forever in their debt.  

xx Thank you xx





Albesa Night Runner (Breeze)


Breeze Breeze Breeze


Sheba Sheba Breeze



Albesa Night Runner (Breeze) Hips 8:7 



Breeze is one of the puppies from our first litter. Her father is Shadow and her mother is Deasal. Breeze has a wonderful nature, and we are really proud of her.





Andsal Lots Of Mischief At Albesa (Deasal) 





Andsal Lots of Mischief At Albesa (Deasal) Hips 7:8


Deasal was bred by my good friend Sally Bishop. I am extremely grateful to Sally for letting me breed from this wonderful girl and carry on the last of her lines. Sally has been a tower of support, and without her help I may easily have given up on my dream.


Deasal is everybody's friend, and has produced some stunning puppies. Breeze being one.