Class Reason From Albesa (Shadow)




Class Reason From Albesa (Shadow). Hips 8:8. Haemophilia 'A' clear.


Shadow is the most important man in my life, he is an absolutely stunning boy in every way, giving 100% of himself whenever asked.


Shadow has taught me so much over the years, our relationship is based on love and trust and I cannot imagine a life without my boy in it.


Shadow has sired three litters and his progeny are doing really well in the obedience and agility fields. I am extremely proud of his offspring and their achievements.


Thank you Shadow!







Albesa True Reason (Spirit)


Spirit Spirit Spirit


Spirit Spirit




Albesa True Reason (Spirit). Hips 4:4. Haemophilia 'A' clear. 


Spirit is Shadow and Deasal’s Grandson. Nite, Summer and Breeze are his Aunt’s, and Raine who can be found on our “Crufts Obedience 2007” page is Spirit’s half Cousin.


Spirit’s sister and ‘partner in crime’ Albesa True Class (True) can be found on 'OUR GIRLS' page.


Spirit is one of the most dignified dogs I have ever met, he is calm and quietly confident, a true Gentleman who scrutinizes everybody and everything, never dropping his guard.


He is not a dog that would rush into anything lightly; he assesses every situation before deciding on a course of action.


Spirit you really are your Grandfathers grandson, and for that I am eternally grateful.


Following in Shadows footsteps was never going to be an easy task, and to be honest before you were born it was something I could not have imagined, or thought possible.


But don’t worry my wonderful baby boy, you have surpassed all my expectations and much, much more.


You are a pleasure to live with and I have loved watching you grow into the stunning adult that you have now become.


I could not have asked for a more gentle and loving fur kid to share my life.





Albesa Soul Reason (Soul)  








Albesa Soul Reason (Soul). Hips 4:5. Haemophilia 'A' clear.


Soul is Shadow and Nite's son. Spirit, Reine and True are his half brother's and sister. Soul's brother, sister's and Raine can be found on our “Crufts Obedience 2007” page.


Over four years ago before Soul was even a twinkle in his Mummy's and Daddy's eye I had named this young man. I bought his collar, tag and bed and waited patiently.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              After three unsuccessful attempts I nearly gave up on my dream, but dreams do come true.


Soul is sensitive, loving, caring and absolutely perfect in every single way. Soul is everything I had ever dreamt about and I worship the ground he walks on.


Soul is a complete Mummy's boy and can be a big girls blouse at times, he is happiest when he is close to his Mummy (me), and loves nothing more than leading me around the house or garden by his mouth. In fact he will lead anybody that is stupid enough to let him! 


He is also a kleptomaniac and is always finding hidden treasure, if an object is not nailed down you can guarantee this too will have Souls mouth around it. 





Albesa Real Reason (Seraph)









Albesa Real Reason (Seraph). Hips 7:8. Haemophilia 'A' clear. 


Seraph is Soul's brother and is Shadow and Nite's son. Spirit, Reine and True are his half brother's and sister. Seraph's brother, sister's and Raine can be found on our “Crufts Obedience 2007” page. 



Seraph, short for Seraphim which represents the highest rank of angels is otherwise known as Seraph Bean or Mr String Bean (remarkably he answers to all).


Seraph is quite a naughty boy, Infact he is a very naughty boy and he is certainly the naughtiest of my five. I am sure our neighbours think that we only have one dog, as all they hear is Seraph NO, Seraph OFF, Seraph DOWN, or just SERAPH!!!.


I can't help but love my monster munch-kin and I would not change him for the world. He can be deviant and infuriating and more often than not he resembles a floor to air missile!. For this I adore him.


Seraph certainly takes after his Mummy, sharing her endless enthusiasm and her ability to get away with absolute murder, as with Nite there are no hidden agendas with Seraph, he is completely open and honest. He is an extremely loving boy with a huge heart who loves his cuddles and kisses.






Iolanda Lancio By Albesa (Lugar)




Lugar Lugar Lugar




Iolanda Lancio by Albesa (Lugar). Hips 7:7. Haemophilia 'A' clear.


Lugar has a wonderful temperament, and an extremely laid back attitude to life. He is as passionate about water as he is people and one of his closest friends is our hosepipe!


He is a gentle and loving individual whom adores absolutely everybody; even the post man is treated as the long lost father he has not seen for many years.


Lugar approaches everything at one hundred miles an hour, he will never put off tomorrow what can be accomplished today, his sheer enthusiasm can be addictive (and exhausting) at times.


I owe a great deal to Lugar, he is an incredible boy who’s easy going and loveable nature endears him to all. It is a privilege being owned and loved by this gentle giant.


Lugar….. I can never re pay you for all that you have done.




Lugar's Pedigree


Lugar's Pedigree






 Foxfold Yannis (Lincoln)










Foxfold Yannis (Lincoln). Hips 2:5. Elbows 0:0. Haemophilia 'A' clear. 


I would like to introduce our stunning boy Lincoln.


He is Incredibly sweet and gentle, kind and loving and is impeccably behaved, unlike some I could mention..............................Seraph!!!!!!! 


Lincoln is extremely responsive and his only wish in life is to please, I would like to Thank Tony and Brenda Fox for my wonderful baby boy.


Lincoln is now available at stud to approved bitches.