Crufts Obedience 07



Crufts Obedience 07




Shadow's son 'Reine' qualified for Crufts Obedience Championships 2007






Jean and Reine came 12th on Saturday 10th March. (Dogs Obedience). There were 27 Qualifiers.


 I am Soooo proud to announce that Shadow's son and Nite's half brother Reine (Saxmill Vejan Reine), owned and handled by Jean Archer came 12th at Crufts Obedience Championship on Saturday. 

H/W 16.5 SA 11.5 DC 7 RET 1 Sub total 36. Sit Down stays Lost 1. Scent 1.75. Total lost 38.75. 


What fantastic news! Huge congratulations to Jean and the mega gorgeous Reine.






The famous five!


The story so far.......


For as long as I can remember and possibly forever I have dreamt of a litter between Nite and Shadow.


For me the mixture of these two amazing dogs is an absolute dream come true!


I had always dreamt of one special little boy, my 'soul' puppy.


Over two years ago before 'Soul' was even a twinkle in his Mummy's and Daddy's eye I had named this young man. I bought his collar, tag and bed and waited patiently.


After several unsuccessful attempts I nearly gave up on my dream, but dreams do come true and I have not one but five angels (It was perhaps a little unrealistic of me to think I would keep just one)


Soul, Seraph, Peaches, River and Raif are now living with us and causing the usual puppy mayhem. If I thought for one moment we had the room I would have kept all of Nite's babies.


Nite thank you from the bottom of my heart, I can never put into words what this means to me. You have had your first and last litter my darling girl.


It is back to sleeping in Mummy's bed and being a spoilt brat!


I would also like to thank Alan, Sal and Ashley and everybody else whom has put up with years of constant highs and lows, and tears when Nite had not fallen pregnant. I know I must have been an absolute nightmare when Nite's scans came back negative, and perhaps equally nightmarish when we had the positive scan.


I must also say a special thank you to Angelika for making all this possible.






Crufts Obedience 07 Crufts Obedience 07 Crufts Obedience 07


Crufts Obedience 07 Crufts Obedience 07 Crufts Obedience 07


Crufts Obedience 07 Crufts Obedience 07 Crufts Obedience 07




The story continues .......



Well my cherubs and I have survived childhood!!; I cannot believe they are two and a half years old already.


There have been times when they have been incredibly hard work and I have questioned my own sanity with my decision to keep 5 puppies. My pride and joy Victorian oak kitchen table resembles nothing more than a pallet and our chesterfield has been well and truly massacred!


That said I do not regret my decision for a moment and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I still have to pinch myself for the wonderful gift that I have been allowed, and I will try never to take these precious babies for granted.


Before they were born I tried so hard to imagine what they would like; would they take after their Mummy, or their Daddy. Would they have Nite’s outgoing personality, or would they share Shadow’s much calmer approach to life:


Where do I start...




Albesa Soul Reason (Soul). Hips 4:5. Haemophilia 'A' clear




Soul is exactly how I had imagined he would be all those years ago.


He is sensitive, loving, caring and absolutely perfect in every singe way. Soul is everything I had ever dreamt about and I worship the ground he walks on.


Soul is a complete Mummy's boy and can be a big girls blouse at times, he is happiest when he is close to his Mummy (me), and loves nothing more than leading me around the house or garden by his mouth. Infact he will lead anybody that is stupid enough to let him!


He is also a kleptomaniac and is always finding hidden treasure, if an object is not nailed down you can guarantee this too will have Souls mouth around it.




Albesa Real Reason (Seraph). Hips 7:8. Haemophilia 'A' clear.


Seraph (Albesa Real Reason)


Seraph, short for Seraphim which represents the highest rank of angels is otherwise known as Seraph Bean or Mr String Bean (remarkably he answers to all).


Seraph is quite a naughty boy, Infact he is a very naughty boy and he is certainly the naughtiest of my five. I am sure our neighbours think that we only have one dog, as all they hear is Seraph NO, Seraph OFF, Seraph DOWN, or just SERAPH!!!.


I can't help but love my monster munch-kin and I would not change him for the world. He can be deviant and infuriating and more often than not he resembles a floor to air missile!. For this I adore him.


Seraph certainly takes after his Mummy, sharing her endless enthusiasm and her ability to get away with absolute murder, as with Nite there are no hidden agendas with Seraph, he is completely open and honest. He is an extremely loving boy with a huge heart who loves his cuddles and kisses.




Albesa Real Class (Raif) Hips 6:3.




Raif is a cheeky monkey, but is an absolute amateur compared to her brother Seraph. She is a beautiful and loving young lady who shares her mothers outgoing personality, and her wonderful willingness to please.


She is somewhat a tomboy, preferring to hang out with the boys rather than with her sisters. This is not helped by the fact that River and Peaches are inseparably and can often without meaning to, exclude her.


Raif is extremely confident and alert and is a real peoples dog who is never far from my side. My world is certainly a better place with my gorgeous girl in it. 




Albesa Perfect Class (River) Hips 4:8.


River is very much the diplomat like her father and diffuses all types of situations. She is a quite girl with a really calming influence on her brothers and sisters.


River has boundless energy and is remarkably agile, Just watching her is exhausting. She absolutely adores her sister Peaches and the two of them are inseparable.


Physically River is the absolute double of her sister, they truly are identical and even I struggle to tell them apart. This has been easily remedied though with River wearing a red collar and Peaches wearing a pink one!


Physically both girls take after their Daddy. 




Albesa Protected By Angels (Peaches) Hips 6:6.



Peaches (Nite and Shadow's daughter and Soul's sister), sleeping where she shouldn't....My kitchen table!!


Angel my foot!


Peaches was the smallest in the litter and was an incredibly sweet puppy, hence her name.


I fell in love with her from the moment I first saw her. However this small and vulnerable puppy did not stay very small, or vulnerable, for long.


Due to the fact I spoilt her I may just have created a little Frankenstein who's favourite pass time is annoying her sister Raif.


Peaches can often appear more confident than her sister River, but this is not necessarily true.


As with all her brothers and sisters Peaches is an extremely loving and caring individual with a temperament to die for.









I will always be eternally grateful to Nite and Shadow for the gift that they have given me.


Guys these babies really are a credit to you.


Thank you.








Soul. Nite and Shadow's son and brother to River, Peaches, Raif and Seraph.  Seraph and Raif.